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To T. B. about the Heavenly Father

Written by Admin in English -

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Oh our life-long friendship, disappeared in the heavenly darkness,

where have you gone? It’s true, in my last letter I stated firmly:

“There is no Heavenly Father, no loving God who would mind us,

no great potent power to look after us, with plans to save us,

that’s fairy tale. Such tales, beautiful as they are, are for children.”

Well, you would have the right to be angry with me if I lied, but,

I did no such. There’s no Santa Claus like there’s no heaven either.

To thinking man one is just as obvious as is the other.

A single glance at Earth is enough to see what’s going on here:

self-interest, raw power, oppression are ruling our whole Earth.

There’s not a sign of God. Pity whores of the word, propagandists,

dizzy the world with lies, dominate all the media all ways,

mislead, besmear, pretend, spreading hate, false ideals and worse still.

Political pundits and the stars of the media often

show little care for truth, little care but to serve all the “big guns:”

deep-pocketed scoundrels, moneyed brokers of power, who rule all.

Forums of press, pulpits, unavoidably fall into their hands,

purchasing some with ease, taking over the rest, threatening, too,

those that they cannot buy. Institutions, dictators work for them.

No matter how absurd are their lies, devastating the outcomes,

brainwash the folks, confuse, treat them like they were children, in short do

what theologians used to – for ages – their tried methods work well:

promise the folks something mythical to believe in the future,

heaven on Earth, the like, “paradise,” something always a-coming,

while threatening with some bogeyman, bugaboo – always nearby.

Lead like the donkey’s lead: with the carrot in front and the stick back.

Thundering like the priests about heaven and hell (mostly hell), their

wide mouths fit all lies. Danger is their constant theme, to create fear.

Anything will suit them for the bogeyman role, even other

faiths often do, nay – even a word: “terrorist” or “extremist”

(stigmatizing words have we by hundreds) and presto! Just brand and

already they can do whatever against anyone living,

let them be poor Negroes, Arabs, Chechens – someone to be oppressed.

Pious are they always, God squads pray, all the while “ethnic cleansing.”

(Have you paid attention what goes on by the love of our “Lord” there?

“Ins Allah” should you say as a Mohammedan? Is this “kosher?”)

And they can kill or steal “democratically,” using this idol

with equal ease. So, distorting even the meaning of words, they

utter the word “freedom” but they mean domination by commerce.

Money-men rule the world in an ungodly way: corporations,

banks, creditors dictate peoples’ lives, even nations they subdue;

judge and jury they are in deciding who gets and who gets not,

bankrupt  and ruin at will whom they choose: it’s in their power.

“National treasuries” they control and set interest rates for,

blackmail and influence politicians or war lords, denying

everyone else. Our fake, irresponsible “leaders” mislead us badly.

They overspend, get us into debt, sell resources for pittance,

tax the hell out of us serving interest payments while cut back

essential care like health, education, governance that’s needed,

weaken the whole country so that big corporations can rule us.

“Democracy” they call what goes on. To oppose them is useless:

replacing one servant of the rich with another is futile.

Thus, disillusioned, we stay away from these fake polls in droves,

disenfranchised, we shrug, carry on, feeling hopeless, defeated.

No even ground is here, level playing field completely absent,

deeper in debt we go, selling birthrights of children – and waiting.

This is the public’s role: always waiting and hoping while paying.

Can’t change the status quo: this is what goes on world wide in our days.

Large corporations are “international” – none can behold them –

even to know which one exists only on paper and which one

exists for real. (Somehow every one that brings profit is real, and

those that should pay, clean up, disappear, never pay to be sure.) Of

course we don’t know what state, jurisdiction, what law should bind these folks,

nor do we know where their money is at the moment as this shifts

fast by computer easily, freely – at will – all the world wide.

And, should they have to flee, there is always a country awaiting,

enticing them even with their offers of “tax breaks” to come there.

Come indeed, they do come, bringing some petty cash to invest there,

promise the moon – even to behave – in the meantime their aim is

to take out more. Thus large corporations the world over rule us,

pay off the local boss, subjugating and robbing the nation.

Business finished, they run, leaving bankrupted nations in shambles,

polluted air and soil, laid off workers and garbage – the country.

There is no one to bring to account any of them. If should be,

they’ll pay them off and write it off as “the cost of doing business.”

Everywhere everything selfish interest rules like a vector,

the only law is the greater pull. Is this “heavenly order?”

Is this what shows our God’s “loving care,” “living will,” would you say?

Moreover, all the wealth that the churches amassed over ages,

where did it come from? Not from the Lord!  Whence the need for the churches?

To separate more? Aren’t there enough separations by creed, race?

We can have charity, kindness, love – without churches and clergy.

With my own eyes I saw church for sale in the West: it is business!

Only the bank towers are built higher than churches: it seems that

they are the ones that stand the most closely to God? But good business

even today is church. (See the evangelists? In the Lord’s name

they live like lords. No end to their feasting and whoring, they live high,

even their dogs live well in their air-conditioned doggy-homes.

And, should they fall, they cry, sob their way to the market of bookstores.)

“Oh come yea faithful, bring us your dough nations! Theme parks we’ll build yea!”

Christ may have chased merchants out of churches but they have returned since.

Not for the moment should you believe that the East’s different! There

rosaries bought and flags represent (and replace) devout prayer,

chanting and mindless rote take the place of the inner enlightenment.

Epidemic proportions reach nowadays recruitment to churches

in what was once Soviet Europe’s communist lands, paddling faith there.

Starving for faith they are, never is any shortage: they all seek

“the only true faith” what, of course, just is not there – never was there.

Or, if you please, behold Africa! There the sects have evolved thus:

(Preaching the Bible!) their disillusioned “flock” killed, as if poultry.

“No witnesses: no crime.”  Tell me, friend, do you really believe that

this is the world of God, this is heavenly order? Shows wisdom?

That this is planned from high, that this unveils God’s plan and his power?

What manifests God’s plan, indeed what manifests such a power?

No sign of this on earth! Here the two-faced prevail: politicians,

opportunists, police-Mafiosi, corrupt institutions:

in their hands lies power – if it’s civilian. Can be much worse:

military. Then force, only brute force is “law” – heaven help us!

For, to be sure, there are many places where the generals rule,

moreover rule by whim: imprison, torture women and children,

dictatorship’s the rule, rampant militias are a-roaming,

intimidate and kill, robbing victims of their pride – leave them maimed.

Show me God’s power here, there would have to be sign of it somewhere!

And you, my friend, who lived under communist terror, lived through hell,

claim this to be God’s will, ‘tis his plan? Can you explain this sanely?

Tell me that this “order” manifests God’s “design” and that “all’s well:”

“the universe unfolds as it should!” For exactly this is what

you postulated: “God’s loving kindness is endlessly shown us.

Blessed to be our Good Lord who delivers from evil and loves us.”

You call this love? Would one who did love punish loved ones so cruelly?

Perverted is such love, base and kinky as hell – no way godly!

Perverted is this faith, Mohammed clearly saw this before us,

and he delivered us (by the way in the name of the same God!)

from our Saint Paul’s concept of “original sin.” Naturally,

no priest has heard him. Yet Mohammed did not found new religion,

rather, he said, he sought to correct Abraham’s corrupted one.

Jews, by the way, agree: Christianity’s not their religion.

This Paul of ours was saint, there’s no doubt: procreation and not sex

(strange separation!) was his belief: he thought sex to be “sinful.”

No wonder his contemporaries sought his head in his lifetime! (Acts 18:12-16)

Sinful as hell we are: we have sex and we are multiplying!

Are we punished? Indeed: volcanoes are erupting, diseases

spread round the globe, dust storms, hurricanes, floods and earthquakes, disasters –

wars, famines – aids, cancer, dislocated and homeless, disastrous

dog eat dog world; we kill, we pollute, devastate flora, fauna.

There is no room for wild animals, we endanger all species;

spread everywhere, kill soil, habitat, like the locusts, take over.

Destroy the seas as well, overfish, deplete, contaminate all:

punishes our “Good Lord” people and animals mercilessly.

This is God’s plan, you say, this shows love, mercy, kindness and patience?

Just look around! Is this omnipotence at work, is all well? Or

don’t look around – look back: history’s full of hatred and warring,

what’s going on today is what prophets of old were chastising:

everyone throngs around earthly troughs, curries power, seeks favor,

all try to gain, possess anything they can scratch for themselves.

Where is the cause of kin or the community, let alone nation?

What fairy tale contains “love and kindness to all men” around here?

Interest, force, and lies represent  governance – if there is such –

thus all is well, you say, “God’s in charge?” Devout lies are still lies, no?

Should Simple Simon say: “Give me now the whole world and I’ll give you

pie in the sky later.” Would you buy it or would you laugh loudly?

Life is atonement for being born? We atone for our sinning?

What about all those thieves, charlatans, billionaires – those who rule us?

They all live well, no sign of them ever atoning for their sins!

Thieves get to keep their loot, crooked lawyers will get them off Scott free.

Tell me my friend, how can you believe such a nonsense so truly?

Even the world has not been created – the processes go on:

supernovae light skies, galaxies are still forming in space-time,

black holes devour bright stars, other stars do collide, collapse, pulsate,

comets, cold asteroids threaten, changing their flight paths and so on,

elements form, re-form, subatomic small particles fly by

and our astronomers now believe there are more universes.

Those who would seek order have found chaos instead. Where is God here?

How can be order where randomness as a rule is the order?

How can we use past tense speaking of God’s creation that’s changing?

Change is the one constant and not law, nor is order or planning.

You know as well as I all of this, nay, you love science: know more!

You, my friend, should know that there is no loving being that minds us,

and it is vain and false to maintain a belief that is not true.

Dangerous is such faith: pacifies, stupefies the believer,

the very person who is in need to use all his faculties.

You, who can see all our sufferings very clearly and truly,

see the oppression, see all the lies – you don’t see the biggest one?

Should there be such a God, we should curse and not praise such a rascal,

responsible for all living hell on this Earth. Is this not so?

Pray do not tell me “the Devil” caused all the pain and your Lord’s not

responsible, and don’t tell me that he is His “enemy,” nor

that he is God’s “servant,”  for then either God’s work’s devilish, or

God cannot be strong, omnipotent. Therefore don’t postulate of

God “who takes care of all,” deliver me from nonsense, I beg you.

Deliverance as such could not deliver even if tried to.

Dear friend please do not seek any delivery where there is none!

Nor should you seek order where there’s none. Better use your own brains and

do what you can. There’s no other choice. Only where love governs mind,

self-discipline checks base instincts soundly, where humanity rules,

where money is not goal, only means, only there can be heaven.

(I must confess I have other ideas on this subject:

where a decent person sees a scoundrel in action, he breaks his

neck on the spot. This way populations could be kept in check well.)

He who would be prophet, must not look to the sky for solutions,

his eyes should turn inward (and of course he should look under his feet.)

Truth is, “heavenly love” does not exist in space, only in us.

Love is sentiment that endures like a diamond, and clear, too,

It resides in good will, develops, can be nurtured and used well –

no need of God. I see such a love in yourself without border,

and can’t believe that you should be blind to the truth we should all see:

God is a myth, no more. Does not exist in real life, that is clear.

Actually it’s not God drives me crazy: denying your own brains,

allowing your blind faith to be blinding your mind does. The tales, well,

they have their place, and I have no problem with God as a tale told,

nor quarrel I with myths, be it God, Santa Claus. What disturbs me:

loss of distinction between what’s real and what’s not.. This is childish.

You for this childish faith give up that which no thief could steal from you:

your own good mind. This way you become nearly deaf, almost blinded,

denying sense and wit for false faith. This is preposterous, sad.

Fortunate were you that you left priesthood for pedagogy, for

I cannot se you as bishop, cardinal, living in Rome well,

instead you would have been parish priest, poor as mice, spreading false faith.

This way you would have found yourself explaining lies, pacifying,

“proving” to hapless folks that which cannot be proven: God’s good grace.

Telling the sheep-like “flock” tales of mercy, redemption and “God’s love.”

Having the flock believe all is well in this world, God’s in heaven,

that he has plans for us, looking after us kindly, do not fear.

I have read your thesis which speaks well of your knowledge of science,

for certain you know more of chemistry than I, even physics,

all of which contrasts starkly with the foolish, childish conception

you postulate. Thank goodness you had enough brains to choose teaching,

shunning the role of the parish priest. I can’t blame you for your choice.

While the big wigs of church live in splendor, the poor dedicated

clergy does not. Indeed in the church similar is the order

than in the world. A few living well at the top while the lowly

are left the task of toil. Such is God’s taking care of the poor folk.

Gladly I would give you credit: You are not angry just tired,

work you have plenty that is for sure, working with handicapped kids,

also you have your own family. However, this has been the

case all along and you have been writing faithfully and often.

Whence is this silence then? Perhaps practical considerations

are guiding you: I am of no use to you, wanting to wake you,

while you would rather not be awakened from your pleasant dreaming?

Or perhaps you can see that I turned away from our religion?

You would be right in this, for I did, realizing that every

faith, in the name of community is in fact separates us.

Teaches to hate as well. Mohammedans are “heathens:” they call us

“infidels.” To a Jew we are “goys.” Anyone who would keep man,

humanity itself in his focus, can not afford to be

small-minded, exclusive, after all our humanity keeps us

be who we are. It is “spaceship Earth” we travel on, our problems

global and large: we either cooperate as one – or perish.

I have no need for faith other than faith in man, faith in progress.

Finally, with you lifting your eyes to the Lord, think in Heaven

we won’t be neighbors. Well, I believe that – but only  because you

won’t be there, either. We, after all, have to build it together.

To sum up it seems that you prefer this false faith’s pacifying,

removing care from your shoulders, responsibility for Earth,

leaving all up to God, whose existence you say can’t be proven,

“neither can we prove that God is not.” This is not so. The whole Earth’s

condition, its whole past proves beyond any question the absence

of your faith’s God. The notion of “heavenly father” is such dish,

water won’t hold, although theologians for centuries patched it

(from the outside), just not noticing that the dish became empty,

finally shouting: “Look!   It’s not leaking at all!” This parable

does well depict the final fate of theologians and their creed.

Goodness exist in man (along with other characteristics),

providence only man, animals can provide on this Earth.

You have no cause to point to heaven’s providence – nonexistent –

no cause to leave to God your decisions or thinking: it’s his job.

Religions are like drugs: create painless illusions of all sorts:

order where there is none (hard to take), peace of mind (though unfounded),

feel being provided (when there’s no providence): they are empty.

For, to believe,  one must suspend thought, become childish in extreme,

in other words one must throw away what makes us homo sapiens.

Seems you would sacrifice me, your friend, on the altar of your faith.

Go! I would not keep you, you can do as you please. Go with God then!

Godless be though the deed. Yet our friendship demands me to say this:

Our living days will pass, regardless the state of our friendship,

pastures of our old age beckon, life as we know it is ceasing.

We are the ones who care, fill the role to be our brother’ keeper.

Providence we provide, holy love exist only in ourselves.

Therefore you old rascal, you must write, you must write, you must write soon!

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