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This is a story lessons are made of. How not to be, what not to do, how not to think. It's my story and my only excuse is that I was young at the time, just a kid actually. In spite its total silliness, the story had its finer moments and as a memory it's good for a laugh.

It happened in Budapest. The year was 1952. I just finished public school in May and was looking forward to high school. My new school was in the inner city, and I had to take a streetcar to get there, which was great fun, for till then I was walking to school in our neighbourhood.

In preparation for high school I received many privileges. I had my first perm, a new coat, the school uniform and a leather attaché case. I was a big girl now.

Oh happy days!

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My feet sunk into the soft sand as the gentle waves flapped against them. I just stood there and looked around, rejoicing in the sight so very dear to me. It was a place where sight and memory merged, that was soon to became even more special to me. I let the scene soak in slowly.

Nearby, and reaching out to the distance, the water sparkled beneath the sailboats that quietly glided on its surface. The sun was hot in the cloudless sky. There was little wind and the temperature of the lake reminded me of a warm bath as I reached its shallow edge fronting the sandy beach. To my left, a few kilometres away, the Blue Mountain looked serene as the sunshine of high noon warmed its gentle slopes.  At Collingwood, by the foot of the mountain, as always, the old shipyard building looked like an enchanted castle from this vintage point. The horseshoe-shaped Georgian Bay waters opened wide and became one with the magnificent Lake Huron. The lake could be dignified as a sea, owing to its size, save for its fresh, unsalted waters.

The dance

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Last night I dreamt about you again. It was the same dream I've had for a long time now.


Travelling atop fluffy white clouds into the vastness of the azure universe, I am searching for you. My body turns and twists as the ethereal winds move me forward, deeper into eternity. I call your name. I implore you:

"Come to me, oh please, come back to me."