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Hungarian Folk Poetry - Part Four


Most szép lenni katonának,

Mert Kossuthnak verbuválnak.

Négy esztendő nem a világ,

Éljen a magyar szabadság,

Éljen a nemzet!

Hungarian Folk Poetry - Part One

The purpose of this work is to make available for the English speaking world some of the rich cultural heritage of the Hungarian nation preserved in its folk poetry, which comes from an oral tradition as can be gleaned from its cadence, even in written form. In particular, my wish is to preserve this heritage for the Canadian, American, British, and Australian descendants of Hungarian refugees, whose command of the Hungarian language has faded, but who may remain  interested in their Hungarian roots and cultural heritage nevertheless. I trust the reader of whatever heritage will find it self-evident that these songs, poems and ballads are worth preserving.

Hungarian Folk Poetry - Part Three


Angoli Borbála

Angoli Borbála

Kis szoknyát varratottm

Elől kurtábbodott,

Hátul hosszabbodott.

Hungarian Folk Poetry - Part two


Molnár Anna

"Jere velem, Molnár Anna!

Rengetegre, hosszú útra."

"Nem mehetek Ajgó Márton,

Vagyon nekem hütös társam,

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