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From the published Collection

Conversation with a Dead Hungarian Poet

To Arany János (John Gold)

Into one's face wafts the cool evening's breeze,

icy it's not, yet its breath feels the freeze;

though the Sun's shining, all nature feels cold,

half undressed already, ankles in gold.

Of Matters of the Heart

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His bedside manner quite simply beguiles.

"Oh yes, those are the symptoms," (and he smiles),

"of some blockage of mid-severity,

which plugs your coronary artery...

The Immigrant's Saga - Part One

Although individual stories are as different as individuals who lived them, first generation  immigrants share many experiences that are common to most. These are: separation from family and friends, coming in contact with a new society,  learning a new language, starting out a new life in a strange place facing various discriminations, entry level job experiences, to name a few. Theirs is a story repeated many times in Canada, which accepts large numbers of immigrants every year.

To T. B. about the Heavenly Father

Oh our life-long friendship, disappeared in the heavenly darkness,

where have you gone? It's true, in my last letter I stated firmly:

"There is no Heavenly Father, no loving God who would mind us,

no great potent power to look after us, with plans to save us,

that's fairy tale. Such tales, beautiful as they are, are for children."

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