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A Man of phenomenal Achievements: John Miska

In the early seventies, in Premier Lougheed's Alberta, Cowtown Calgary has just become Houston North and the arteries of the province began to pulsate with liquid black gold.  Lougheed, one of the best  premiers  of  the  province, a  far-sighted  man, was looking ahead into the future. He wanted his province to use the oil money to secure that future by diversifying, and by investing in science and research. To achieve his aims, he knew he had to spread the money around.

No sponsors, no virtual realities, no hirelings!

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I don't know when László Németh wrote this - it's almost irrelevant - that a part of the Hungarian intelligensia is looking for sponsors and hireling's pay. Not only is this a bleak opinion, but a sadly and increasingly valid observation even today. Valid not only for those who walk and live with open eyes, or for those who are neither stupid nor pretend to be, but Németh's words gain tremendous weight if considered against the characteristically image-created world of today, with its fake virtual realities and sponsors whose money may well have come from shady, if not criminal, sources.