Welcome to the bilingual hospitality page of Frank Veszely, educator, poet, writer, playwright, translator, first generation Hungarian immigrant of 1956. Other than the varied works of the host, the site provides self-managed free space for guest authors for their quality work in both English and Hungarian. A simple e-mail to can initiate proceedings that lead to guests being able to upload, update, and edit their work on the site, which is capable of receiving text, photographs, graphics, short videos and music for possible multimedia presentations. Bookmark the page and visit the site often to see the changes.

Although this page is primarily for literary works, it hosts works of general interest, particularly those enhancing an understanding and furthering the cause of Canada and Hungary in the fields of science and politics. Clicking on the “Authors” button opens the contents page through which you may reach what is currently available for perousal. Clicking on the pictures enlarges them for closer viewing.

May this site open a new window for the light of culture, understanding and appreciation of others in our ever changing world.

Frank Veszely

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