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Whiskey Bullets: a Quest for Wholeness

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Garry Gottfriedson has published four books previously: 100 Years of Contact (Secwepemc Cultural Education Society, 1990), In Honour of our Grandmothers: Imprints of Cultural Survival (Theytus Books, 1994), Glass Teepee (Thistledown Press, 2002), and Painted Pony (Partners in Publishing, 2005), a children’s book. His latest book is Whiskey Bullets: Cowboy and Indian heritage poems (Ronsdale Press, 2006). Five books by five different publishers may suggest indeed that the author has merit, for five different publishers thought it worthwhile to publish his writing. Or it may suggest that Gottfriedson is a bit of a publishers’ hot potato: that his writing may be controversial.

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