A childhood memory

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Being born in the 1930’s, had no mercy on my growing years, as I was destined to witness

and endure, the flaws, the disadvantages of Europe’s political unrest of the times, which

forced me to live through the entire length of WWII in my childhood, as well as its

subsequent and equally nihilistic years. Some of it had been etched deep into my mind,

as if it was carved into an aged tree’s bark, meaning some had healed, some left open

wounds, and invisible emotional or mental scars. The experience however, gave me an

extraordinary perspective on things, whereby nothing, including life itself, meant more to

me than the exalted feeling of freedom and the treasured tranquility I found in peace.

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A Man of phenomenal Achievements: John Miska

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In the early seventies, in Premier Lougheed’s Alberta, Cowtown Calgary has just become Houston North and the arteries of the province began to pulsate with liquid black gold.  Lougheed, one of the best  premiers  of  the  province, a  far-sighted  man, was looking ahead into the future. He wanted his province to use the oil money to secure that future by diversifying, and by investing in science and research. To achieve his aims, he knew he had to spread the money around.

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A taste of Mike Puhallo

Written by Puhallo Mike in English -

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Mike Puhallo is “the only cowboy poet to have his work read into the official record at a NASA launch,

the Canadian House of Commons and The British Columbia House of Legislature” according to his leaflet,

and has won the Will Rogers Gold Medallion Award for excellence in Cowboy Poetry (in front of the Americans

in Fort worth, Texas), and The Queens Golden Jubilee Medallion award for his poetry and his work in

preserving our ranching heritage, and in 2006 made it to the short list for the position of Canada’s

Parliamentary Poet Laureate. Not bad for an unassuming cattleman from Kamloops. He has done it all as a

cowboy: he was a saddle bronc rider, a packer, a horse trainer. He currently ranches with his younger

brother, as well as writing “and painting in western oils.” An avid student of the culture and history of

“the real west,” Mike has been instrumental in establishing the B.C. Cowboys Hall of fame and has served

as President of the B.C. Cowboy heritage society.

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About Lee Edward Födi

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Known as the “Wizard of Words,” Lee Edward Födi has been writing and illustrating stories about magic, monsters, and mystery for as long as he can remember. He grew up on a farm in Osoyoos, BC, and spent every sunday with his grandparents. His grandmother, who was originally from Austria, and his grandfather, who was originally from Hungary, filled his head with many tales from their own childhoods in the old country. Many of these stories told of woeful experiences during times of war and suffering–but there were also many that were simply wonderous, speaking of magic and myth and folklore.

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